search>site>scan>three sisters


A video performance lecture in three parts

search>site>scan>three sisters was first performed at McMaster University’s Health, Embodiment and Visual Culture conference 2010, Panel/Roundtable title: “Informed Consent”
The project evolved out of search, an ongoing long term research and web based archive and video project begun in 2003 that looks at the role and influence of the military on our visual technologies, and on our land and bodies and communities and relations.

It begins with an interrogation of representational frameworks and how they relate to histories, lived experience, and the body. Historical development of representational technologies merge with personal experience in contemporary medical imaging such as PET scanning.

The presentation is in 3 parts of approx 15 min duration each.

The 3 parts represent three different approaches to the production of knowledge, images, events and objects and describes a perceptual and epistemological shift from one location to another.

from object to subject
cure to prevention
violence to creation
viewer to participant
mastery to empathy
modernity to magic