Continental Drift

Continental Drift
by Rebecca Garrett
Camera: Derek Rogers/Patrick Lindsell
Editing: Van LaPointe
running time: 52 min, 18 sec
Rebecca Garrett is a Canadian independent video and multi-media artist. From 1989 – 1992 she was Visiting Artist in Residence and the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Continental Drift began as a personal investigation of issues raised by the circumstance of moving between two geographical locatons for an extended period of time.

This tape documents the world of imaginary thoughts and perceptions that shape and inform our notions of who we are, and who others are. Garrett traveled to a number of different locations in Canada and asked a random sampling of people: “What do you imagine it’s like in Zimbabwe?”. She then traveled to roughly parallel locations in Zimbabwe and asked people there: “What do you imagine it’s like in Canada?”

The locations are diverse, ranging from safari parks and tourist sites, to low income housing projects, shopping malls, and human rights organizations.

The result is an intriguing and at times disturbing look at issues of culture and identity, and similarities and differences, and how people in Canada and Zimbabwe imagine other people and places.

Continental Drift was shot on Hi 8 and edited on Betacam SP at Charles Street Video and The Edit Suite in Toronto, Canada.